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Summary of the three Ls of arena construction, the arena base layer, the permanent separting layer, and the footing layer.
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below: Some of the German-manufactured equine products we distribute, supply, and provide full manufacturer's support for ...
The importance of using the correct type of sand.
Aisleways and barn interior flooring

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… no more mud, Ever!
ProEquus 0T40 / WE40
Structural/Drainage/Anti-Concussive Mat Systems for perfect conditions - anti-slip surface
~ As used in the 2008 China Summer Olympics ~
• perfect traction on safe ground
• little or even *no ground preparation required
• reduced footing depth required
• less maintenance needed
• optimal stability
Quick and easy installation
• self installation is not a problem
(a *small crew can install 800 m² in approx. 3 hours)
• Mats remain securely in place
prevents compaction
• optimum drainage
• no more muddy conditions
• Mats remain in place - do not slide
surface remains elastic
• treats the tendons and joints with care
• helps reduce the risk of injury
• no more uncontrolled slipping
Mats provide drainage without sediments
• prevents the mixing of footing material and sub base
made from elastic PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
• drivable with heavy vehicles, UV resistant
• Model OT40 - unconnected
• Model WE40 - tongue and groove connection

outdoor- and indoor- riding arenas
• paddocks, turn-outs
• hotwalkers, round pens
• race track, training tracks, ...
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