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Summary of the three Ls of arena construction, the arena base layer, the permanent separting layer, and the footing layer.
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below: Some of the German-manufactured equine products we distribute, supply, and provide full manufacturer's support for ...
The importance of using the correct type of sand.
Aisleways and barn interior flooring

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Looking for the entire performance horse riding arena and footing?
Not only the footing surface, but also the permanent drainage layer + permanent separation layer + correct traction + correct amount of resiliency & "bounce" + correct compaction + correct sand type & grain sizes etc?
Optimize your arena for a specific riding discipline or style, or elect to build a multi-use arena for general purpose riding, or one for multi-discipline riding, usage and events.
f EI-, USEF- and USDF-sanctioned international and national championship events,
Complete Equestrian Center and Riding Arena Designs & Footing Systems and solutions, for all riding styles and disciplines ...
Riding arenas suitable for all weather and climates, all year round,
Permanent or portable/moveable/revocable = take your arena with you ...
Indoors, outdoors,  all weather - "come rain or Hong Kong typhoons or high water."

Watch the interviews of the National Team Coaches from the USA, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.
Learn what the most knowledgeable and experienced equestrians in the world discovered about ProEquus Perfect Footing™ at Linz Ebelsberg, Austria, such as:
"equal to the finest in Germany (German Equestrian Team),
"I highly advise for any arena" (USA Jumping Team),
 & others. click to read more
Flying on Air . . .
 » currently the flooring surface-of-choice for the major eventing arenas in Europe, including fEI-sanctioned CSIO 4* Jumping (competition springen international top-klasse, four star) and CDI/N/W Dressage (competition Dresseur international/national/world level) competition events.
 » used for Classical Equitation - Dressage (dresseurretein), Hunting/Jumping (springen) & Eventing,
 » now available in the USA, for every facility which wishes to have a world class, high-performance, all weather arena.
 » the original major component of the German footing-perfecting technology (as seen on TV last August).
 » one of the many low-quality "poly" track or arena footing replicas or imitations,
 » one of those look-alike products which: (i) are manufactured from felt, carpets, towels or other "recycled fabrics," (iii) those which lack complete anti-UV protection, (iii) or those which decompose & decay into VOC's, etc.
Clean sand applied on top of HoofGrid™ base.

Retains elasticity and resiliency - easily "catch air"
Improves water drainage †
Dust-free, without constant watering †
Stable underfoot: anti-skidding agent to increase traction ‡
Long-lasting, even in outdoor arenas or uncovered riding surfaces
Suitable for all weather and climates, indoors or outdoors, all year round

† All grades will improve drainage during rainfall, while retaining the "dampened sand" attributes long afterward.
‡ depending upon the discipline, the individual components may be custom-blended to achieve the correct traction + flexion/rebound characteristics.
Always ready for riding, year round!
Because of Perfect Footing adds elasticity, resiliency, consistency, moisture-retention & "bounce":
Perfect Footing™ protects sinews, tendons and joints from concussive injuries,
while reducing the risk of catastrophic or non-catastrophic injury † due to inconsistent footing,
reducing veterinary and pharmaceutical costs,
while prolonging the career of performance horses.
Lower maintenance costs, due to its long life span.

† Especially beneficial for the health and longevity of you performance horse's, cowhorse's or working horse's career.
The Perfect Footing™ blend is spread and blended in.
The surface is fluffed and leveled.
The appropriate Footing surface for every discipline:
Equitation & Dressage - high traction, bounce and resiliency.
Hunting/Jumping - superior flexibility and traction.
Fine-tuning for outdoor arenas or indoor riding halls is available.
Customizable using special blends of:
Pro-Equus® SandVlies™
Pro-Equus® SandFibres™
Pro-Equus® moisture retention
Walk, Trot, Lope/Canter and Gallop lanes.
Coach driving paths, Sulky or Carts, Chariot or Carriage-driving paths,
Year-round racecourse racing tracks, year-round training tracks, breezing tracks and more.
Perfect Footing components are supplied:
Already mixed in the grade appropriate for your riding style, or
with the components delivered separately,
allowing you to customize your own special blend,
Providing a riding surface with that exactly meets and exceeds any discipline's requirements,
Creating the Perfect Footing Surface for your specific needs.

Additional uses and applications for:
Longé lines, lunging rings, training and round pens.
Covered or outdoor hot walkers.
Providing a horseback or carriage riding surface with
Equitation & Dressage - high traction, bounce and resiliency. Hunting/Jumping - superior flexibility and traction. Fine-tuning for outdoor arenas or indoor riding halls is available. for special sand-mixes: using special blends of Pro-Equus™ SandVlies, SandFibre or SandGel. Walking, Trotting, Canter and Gallop lanes. Western ropin' & reinin' arenas, or for cuttin' & bronc bustin' rodeo competitions.
Download the 2-Page Brochure for Perfect Footing equestrian footing additives.