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Jessica was only six years old when Dick Rutgers saw her at a free-for-the-indigent wheelchair distribution, at Refugio de Esperanza in Guatemala [Hope Haven].
Jessica could not walk because of Cerebral Palsy, and her widowed mother had to feed Jessica and her five siblings.
Jessica only weighed sixteen pounds at six years of age.
Dick Rutgers could have walked past her, but The Lord touched his heart.
This is Jessica's story.
Background on Hope Haven ...
In Guatemala, as well as much of the undeveloped world, the parents of disabled children cannot afford wheelchairs or vehicles, hence the children must crawl in the dirt to attend school.
There are no paved roads, hence in the rainy seasons ... when school is in session ... their mothers must carry the disabled children miles to school and back each day.
Often the mothers have other children, or must work to feed their family,
    » these severely disabled children receive no education,
    » hence they are not able to find employment when they grow up,
    = often spending their entire lives as shut-ins at the homes of their desperately indigent parents.
Because there is absolutely no hope for these children to have a future,
    + because they present an enormous life-long burden on their parents,
    = typically the mothers of disabled newborn babies are URGED by their families and friends to “put the child out of misery” soon after their birth.
 Video — Jessica's story
This is Jessica's Story.
Jessica is one of six children, her mother is a widow.
Jessica has Cerebral Palsy.
Jessica was taken to Hope Haven Guatemala (Refugio de Esperanza de Guatemala), where Mark Richard's organization manufactures and distributes free wheelchairs to disabled people who otherwise must crawl all their lives. Ref: TheCultureThatCrawls.
Dick Rutgers was at Hope Haven Guatemala when Jessica appeared. The Lord touched his heart, and this is what happened.
Dick saw a young girl, only six years old and weighing only sixteen (16) pounds. He had to do something, sometimes we simply cannot walk away.
Dick shared Jessica's Story with pictures on his website, ref: blog.dickrutgers.com/
KOMU-TV in Columbia, Missouri produced a television special about Hope Haven Guatemala. The video portion of this production is excerpted from that TV special.
I was struck by the images and video. You will be too.
Jessica's Story is a bitter but sweet story ... sad and happy.
Jessica's eyes tell the story.
Look into Jessica's eyes, perhaps Our Father will touch your heart too.