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Dateline 1 January 2015 — Let the buyers beware about the brand name "HoofGrid."
When this webpage was first published, the brand name "HoofGrid" was owned by the Original German Manufacturer of ECORASTER® - the product pictured and described below.
The use of the brand name "HoofGrid" by American Distributor of the original ecoraster® was permitted in the USA only, but ONLY for the original Ecoraster® - made in Germany.
Several years ago that American Distributor voluntarily chose to discontinure its distribution contact for the German-made original EcoRaster® — that disributor had decided to create a low-quality, fragile knockoff of the original Ecoraster®.

Unfortunately (and illegally) that FORMER distributor contiuned to use the brand name "HoofGrid" on its cheap knockoff grid.

Today: If you are buying a product called "HoofGrid" from an American distributor, then you are NOT getting the original ecoraster® engineered & made in Germany ... rather you are getting the low-quality knockoff designed & engineered by an American Salesman and made by some local American business which owns an injection molding machine.

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Summary of the three Ls of arena construction, the arena base layer, the permanent separting layer, and the footing layer.
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below: Some of the German-manufactured equine products we distribute, supply, and provide full manufacturer's support for ...
The importance of using the correct type of sand.
Aisleways and barn interior flooring

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Permanent Paddock Solutions
A stable grid system for muddy grounds or grass || Indoors or Outdoors || Arenas and Round Pens || Paddocks and Turnouts || Barns and Aisles || Loading and Washing Areas || Driveways and Parking – Grass or Gravel || Ramp or Slope Soil Stabilization || Terra-forming || Landscaping || Grass protection from traffic damage

Usable arenas, paddocks and turnouts 365 days a year.

The original stable grid equestrian footing system permanently solves your muddy paddocks problems.
The most successful soil stabilizing grid system in Europe, widely tested and applied worldwide for years, is now available to the American livestock and equine industries.
How it works . . .          
Load-bearing capacity: up to 70,000 lbs. per square foot.: Working on the ‘snowshoe principle,’ the grids disperse the weight of the stock over a larger surface area (effectively, 689 square inches for a four-legged animal).

How strong was that?
During installation, maintenance, or normal usage – earthmoving equipment, tractors, steamrollers or fully loaded dump trucks may be driven on top of the grids.
Because the entire systems interlocks, for the horse or steer to sink into the mud, theoretically it would need to weigh about 160,000 lbs. or more.

The result . . .     
Permanently retire from your paddock improvement career, and forever forget the ‘spread 6-12 inches of gravel and replace regularly’ system.
The grids permanently separate the top layer from the ground sub-base, preventing intermingling of the layers.  In many conditions, no foundation work is required.  In the rest, much less stone is required, and never needs replaced!

Hoof-Grid or HoofGrid HD?

For most equestrian applications the standard Hoof-Grid is sufficient.
Some climates may require HoofGrid HD.
In those cases requiring heavy-duty grids, the extra cost per units is often offset by the decreased: foundation work (sub-base), top layer and maintenance requirements.
Strong and FLEXIBLE!  The German ORIGINAL...
Manufactured from Post-Consumer Recycled Content reinforced PE (Polyethylene).  
This is not the fracture-prone, substandard HDPE grid systems previously familiar to some in the USA.
It is able to withstand climate extremes from minus 58° to +194° Fahrenheit while remaining flexible.
Video - HoofGrid Installation

For more information about HoofGrid™ please also see:
Very informative: Stock/Equine Stalls, Farmers Markets, Fairgrounds, Dog Exercise Areas, Playgrounds, etc.
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European References:
Arena 1 :: Markus Duenser, European Reining Champion - non-professional division
(Right Click & Save PDF Brochures)
Brochure (PDF) >> www.ecoterr.com/Reigning_CSIO_Arabians_Champion_Bilder_Reitplatzbau_Duenser.pdf
Letter of Recommendation (PDF) >> www.ecoterr.com/Letter-of-Recommendation_Dankschreiben_Markus-Duenser.pdf

Arena 2:: Mehrerau Riding Academy
(PDF) >> www.ecoterr.com/DressageArena_Referenzdokument_Mehrerau-2.pdf
Letter of Recommendation
(PDF) >> www.ecoterr.com/Letter-of-Racommendation_Dankschreiben-Mehrerau_Steurer_Klaus.pdf

CSIO Competition :: REITARENA CSIO 13. – 15.05.2005
Brochure (PDF) >> www.ecoterr.com/CSIO-13_15May2005_Bilder_Reitplatzbau.pdf

Specifications, Technical Data and Certifications: (Information provided by the German manufacturer)
European testing and product information: (ISO-9001 compliant/certified)
(i) PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS - From BECETEL, the Belgian Research Centre for Pipes and Fittings
Download >> www.ecoterr.com/for_eric_braun/Belgian_Test_results_E50_english.pdf
(ii) Environmental Compatibility, Suitability for Public Roadways, Non-toxic to plants etc, Public Roadways Expected lifespan = "indefinite" TÜV/NORD certification, valid through July 2009
Download >> www.ecoterr.com/for_eric_braun/TUV_certificate_2006-2009.pdf
(iii) German Text certification of recycled content: "AUSSCHREIBUNGSTEXTE: Ecoraster Kunststoff-Gitterelemente | Standardisierte Leistungsbeschreibung für den Hochbau (LB-H) | Leistungsgruppe (LG) 13. AUSSENANLAGEN | 131.C Pflasterungen mit Rasengitter aus Recycling - Kunststoff"
Download >>  www.ecoterr.com/for_eric_braun/AUSSCHREIBUNGSTEXTE_revised04102006.pdf

(iv) Information for the US market:
~ 100% recycled content (PE)
~ 100% Post-consumer Recycled Content
~ 100% non-toxic to plants, animals and micro-organisms (chemically inert)
~ UV-resistant, resistant to salt (including marine or street salts), leaching compounds (acids from nutrients, ammonia from Urea, etc.) solvents (alcohol, petroleum derivatives, etc.)

 The following Web Site (domain name) www.Hoof-Grid.com ...
is NOT owned by any person associated with the original equine footing & flooring grid system: HoofGrid™.
is NOT owned by the Manufacturer or the authorized distributor of those branded products,
is NOT associated with the products whose brand names are mentioned within the Domain Names (a.k.a. "pfishing" or "fraudulent" web sites), and
is NOT representing the genuine or authentic equine grid system which one might expect, based upon the name of the deceptively named web site.
The following Web Site (domain name) www.Hoof-Grid.com - with a hyphen ...
IS specifically intended to mislead American and/or International consumers and clients:
that is, the following Domain Name was purchased by a disingenuous and disreputable entity, with the specific intention of misleading American Consumers and/or our international clients.

www.HOOF-GRID.COM: Intentionally redirects to a web page touting a low quality, rigid, knockoff-of-a-knockoff -of-a-knockoff, manufactured in the USA, sigh.
This "other geogrid" is not internationally Pictured: the original HoofGrid™. Do not be misled by the web site www.hoof-grid.com, which redirects to the low-quality knockoff considered to be relevant to equine or agricultural footing and flooring products or engineering. It simply is not up to the task ...
The knockoff product viewed at the above Domain Name "www.hoof-grid.com" ...
  (i) is NOT able to directly support any traffic, whether equine or agricultural/livestock or vehicular,
as is the real HoofGrid, pictured at right »
 (ii) without fracturing.
Do not be misled: "compressive strength" or "load-bearing capacity" are highly irrelevant factors when determining expected lifespans of traffic surfaces of any type.
The relevant factors are:
flexibility + resistance to fracture + tensile strength + max. shearing loads + strength of the connectors

Please note:  The above web site (Domain Name www.hoof-grid.com) will redirect to, or has in the past redirected to, an intentionally deceptive and misleadingly named web site, offering just one more of the dozens of knockoffs worldwide.  
Most of these "Five Dollar Rolexes" (low quality knockoffs/replicas) are manufactured in Asia on in Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, a handful are now being manufactured in the USA.

Follows: this is the real stuff ...
 HoofGrid™ Referential Projects and Demonstrations:
1) HoofGrid™ being installed that the most-prestigious * Reitverein Kloster Mehrerau:
Click to see the HoofGrid installation pictures, will open in a new window.
Right click and Save... to read the letter of recommendations for HoofGrid™ (will open in a new window).

2) HoofGrid™ being installed at the most-prestigious * Pradar Club GIEC in Moscow ("Grand International Equestrian Club")
3) HoofGrid™ for Racetracks:
Click for mud-free, rain-proof, year-round horseracing and training of racehorses

Compare the above to any other equine footing & flooring geogrid; manufactured anywhere in the world, made by any company in the world, under any brand name in the world.

 American Knockoffs:
Please do not be misled by disreputable American suppliers of imitations, replicas, and/or low-quality knockoffs.
HoofGrid™ has been applied for horse/equine, agricultural/livestock, and commercial uses for decades!
In the highest-reputation equestrian facilities in the world,
under the most extreme usage conditions (including dairy and cattle operations),
without deconstructing, fracturing, decomposing, or decaying, ever!
Expected lifespan, DIN-certified by TUV: indefinite!
that is: "HoofGrid™ is expected to outlast the horses, their owners, the farms or equestrian centers, and the surrounding facilities and structures themselves.)

 Question 1: Ask the supplier if the knockoff they are supplying is able to provide any similar demonstration (whether foreign or domestic)?
The Answer: No, absolutely not!
Question 2:
Ask yourself "Why not?"

From the Pacific Northwest, the "Mecca of Mud"
Oregon Before & After...

Washington Before & After...
(State motto: "Visit the Washington Rain Festival: January 1 to December 31")

From the Swiss Alps: Year-round, mud-free, rain-proof ...