Mission Statement: Our ambition is to raise quality horses with a good disposition, correct conformation, and physical soundness.

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Summary of the three Ls of arena construction, the arena base layer, the permanent separting layer, and the footing layer.
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below: Some of the German-manufactured equine products we distribute, supply, and provide full manufacturer's support for ...
The importance of using the correct type of sand.
Aisleways and barn interior flooring

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Our first miniature horse came from the Heartland Farms in Jonesboro, Arkansas.
Komoko's Sir Elegant was a 29" tri-colored buckskin pinto who looked like a wind up toy. The herd grew rapidly over the years, including many top bloodlines and a variety of colors.

 When the  herd grew to over 50 head, we decided to cut back a little: this was supposed to be a 'retirement hobby.'

After my husband Richard died , I sold the farm and horses in Missouri to move back to my home town near family.
Dreama Little Dream, pinto brood mare at Lazy R Ranch Miniature Horses in Bastrop near Monroe, Louisiana.
After moving home to Louisiana I missed the horses running across the pasture or lounging under a shade tree, the new babies in the spring, and just having them around.

Lady luck was on my side. I contacted several farms that had bought horses from me, and proceeded to 'bring them back home." Our sincere thanks go to . . .
Dorla Brown of Highrock Farm in Hackettstown, New Jersey for allowing me to buy Dreama Little Dream, Laughing Waters, and Sing a Song Loretta.
To Bob Underwood of Thayer, Missouri for holding Singing Leaves Katie and Doctor Prathibha Sekar until I could get the barn and fences up.
To a dear friend Pam Smith of Whistlin' Dixie Farms for keeping Roy's Toy Snippet's Skippette until I could make arrangements to bring her down.

All of our horses are current on vaccinations, worm treatments, professional hoof care, and are micro-chipped as required by the state of Louisiana.

The herd is small due to lack of space, we only foal about 4 to 6 babies a year.
This allows hands on attention daily for each one.

We don't show much due to other commitments,
but we do raise show-quality horses.

Please give us a call if you are in the area.
Come by and let's visit awhile.