Mission Statement: Our ambition is to raise quality horses with a good disposition, correct conformation, and physical soundness.
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Summary of the three Ls of arena construction, the arena base layer, the permanent separting layer, and the footing layer.
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below: Some of the German-manufactured equine products we distribute, supply, and provide full manufacturer's support for ...
The importance of using the correct type of sand.
Aisleways and barn interior flooring

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Lazy R Ranch since 1973 -  Horses, Miniature Horses, equine maintenance technologies and world-class equestrian footing & flooring systems.  Copyright 2010 Lazy R Ranch Enterprises. All rights reserved.
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 Text legend - Five year old Tiara, the world's youngest horse trainer, teaches How to Train Your Stallion 101. Rule number 1, always take control of the stallions head. Reason - the hooves will follow the head, and the mighty stallion will follow the hooves.
Welcome to Lazy R Ranch Miniature Horses
We are a small farm located in northeast Louisiana, just south of the Arkansas border.  We began raising AMHA - AMHR registered miniature horses in 1987 while residing in the heart of the beautiful Ozark mountains near West Plains, Missouri.  We are in the process of moving the Lazy R Ranch to the state of Washington, near Monroe.

Update June, 2008: Lazy R Ranch's Rody coming to Monroe, Washington. (no, she isn't a mini: 16hh, 7 year old  Hunter-trained Ky TB-Racehorse-blooded mare)

13 JULY 2008 - Update: Rody is at the National School of Equitation this weekend (www.classical-equitation.com).  Monday she will see a farrier, and hopefully will be to her permanent home in Duval by the end of the week....

16 HH Rody, a seven year old thoroughbred showjumping mare, CSIO Klasse B Rody in Duval, Washington pictured: a 16 hand 7 year old TB mare, classically trained for FEI Showjumping, CSI/W or CSI/J Klasse (CSIO =
Update OCT 2007: Lazy R Ranch X Marks the Spot transported to Monroe, Washington.

Figure 1- Miniature horse stallion X-Marks the Spot is bitted for the first time.Figure 2- Mini stallion is fitted and rigged into the driving harness for the first time; notice that mini horses are very accepting of harnesses due to their generational breeding as draft work horses.
No More Mud.  EVER!
And we are the North American importers/distributors of The German Original™ equestrian & agricultural footing & flooring grid system.

If horses dream,
Pictured: Miniature Horses and small-hoofed livestock on HoofGrid agricultural/equine footing and flooring system. This is Bubbles, as 22 inch dwarf mini horse rescued by our Equine Practitioner, Dr. Dana Bridges, DVM. Doc Dana maintains Bubbles and her other small stock on paddocks using HoofGrid.  The size of the miniature horse's hooves is absolutely not a problem - this is the ORIGINAL stable grid system for muddy horse paddocks, please accept no low-quality knockoffs or imitations.
... what horses dream of .
The Original, German-engineered, German-manufactured
"nie mehr macht !!!" equine footing & flooring geogrid ("No more mud, ever !").
Please accept no substitutes or replicas, whether foreign or domestic.

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For the mini owner with children, this is

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